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He and many other characters combine their silly acts and wits to invade other characters that either escape reality or live a dream. He criticizes, manipulates and entertains the other characters while causing them to reflect on their life situations, which is similar to the way a playwright such as Shakespeare interacts with his audience.

Many of the characters in the play have these two bad qualities and suffer a great deal because of them. Discuss Orsino as an inexperienced lover who must be educated by a woman.

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Imagine you are the director of a Twelfth Night production. She becomes a page to Duke Orsino who is a nobleman lovesick for the Lady Olivia. In addition, the mother in the tale Borders advertized considerable deeds of audacity when thrown into a situation overclouded by bigotry and hostile behavior, by remaining devoted to her morals and persevering.

There are, in addition, other means of indicating foolishness such as Maria's "Now, sir, thought is free" 1. In this play we meet the upper class, as well as the lower class.

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Twelfth Night has many conflicts that occur because characters fail to listen to messages. Viola is washed ashore on this alien coast and becomes convinced that her beloved brother is dead. She becomes a page to Duke Orsino who is a nobleman lovesick for the Lady Olivia. Andy Fickman used many of the same characters and ideas, but in different situations. This play conveys many messages that are seen by the audience, but not seen by the characters in the play. It lets us laugh and appreciate the foolishness of everyday human beings and teaches us that the obvious fools are indeed not the fools but the wise ones. Although the setting felt familiar to the audience, the name Illyria gave it a feeling of escape from reality, something that was important because everyday life could be tough in those days. Why or why not?
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