Archetypes of business model analytical approach

It is used by, for example, already established companies, which seek new forms of innovation strategies to put themselves in a stabile spot in the growing competitiveness among other companies.

How do we transform your business into a sustainable one? A team of researchers from Cambridge and Delft university, funded as part of the innovation scheme found in the previous EU budget model, developed a framework which helps to cluster sustainable business models on two distinct levels.

Gumbel, P. Denyer, and P.

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In a larger sense, this segment includes business models which aim to challenge the pace and the drivers of modern consumption, limiting price sensitivity, consumer choice, and the frequency of purchase by choosing a fairer way of trading.

References: 1. Reference Bocken, N. However, despite these logical arguments these two constructs are both sophisticated and their relationship has remained a challenging issue in the current wave of strategy research.

It is hereby also used by entrepreneurs, who are new to the business market, and want to be innovative and carve out their space to gain competitive advantage.

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Having considered these notes, this article is aimed to develop an analytical archetype for approaching BMI dynamically. Winter, Understanding dynamic capabilities, Strategic Management Journal,24, pp. This idea was fully explored by MIT spinout Sanergy.

Ergo Sum. The value proposition of what is offered to the market; 2.

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Sustainable Business Model Archetypes