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The instruments, the individuals performing, and the conductor all proved to be outstanding. I would have liked the concert more if it had been earlier in the day also Through a few experiences and observances, I have discovered the sociological importance of different music in the lives of many students. Also the woodwind family, which was flutes and clarinet. However, school uniforms are allowed for the students. It was very upbeat and modern with how old but popular his music is still. My Experience At My First Concert Essay - There is an event that I just can describe as one of the most unique and memorable in my life: attending my first concert.

The stage setting was neat, demonstrative, and very well organized as I first entered the entrance. The long stretches of peace celebrated as successes of the Concert system occurred simply because peace between the Great Powers was what the Great Powers desired.

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I chose this one because I wanted to see some of the talent that my peers have in the music realm, and also it was one of the only concerts I have been able to attend because I usually work at night.

I have come to learn and accept the music that people listen to in this country but nothing compares to the music back at home.

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The second piece was Ahnung, a new discovery piece from Kinderszenen The floors were carpeted and they had theater seats that folded back when the seats were done being used. The concert contained seven different pieces of music. There was one man I was watching who seemed to have a hard job. However each group had one piece and composer that they mainly focused on. I thought the concert was wonderfully done. They looked simply dashing. The event hall was fairly simple, there was a small stage for the performers in front of a large window overlooking the outdoor concert terrace. Hostel Pangea is a small coffee and bar place located in Tijuana. The concert was forged under the thought that none of the great powers was interested in changing the international order to best suit their need. Cara has a B.

Through the generosity of a very kind woman, I was able to experience my very first concert. What makes this musical unique is that the performers themselves actually acted out their life story so it felt really personal and genuine. His peaceful sleep was soon interrupted by a loud noise. We start begging for the tickets but all our parents end up saying no.

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There were about ten students performing during this concert. Scheherazade was finished in and was first performed in Leipzig the following year

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The large amount of people that were there were dressed very nice and once again I was under dressed. The entire concert was about two hours long and for someone who never been to a classical concert those two hours feels really long. The piece began with the piano playing a quaint line of jumps which is immediately taken over by the women of the ensemble. Words: , Paragraphs: 4, Pages: 2 Publication date: September 17, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Honestly, I did not expect too much on this concert, because I had thought all the classical styles of music is boring. Music had always been a huge part of my family; my mother a pianist, my dad a drummer, my big brother played guitar. Upon much thought on my part I have decided to write about my first concert that I ever attended and explain why I left an impression on my in three different ways and how it was an enlightening experience for me. The room was on the smaller side but had balconies for people to sit so they could watch the performance from up high. The first one was a spectacular chamber recital that took place at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra performed by pianist Yefim Bronfman and violist-violinist Pinchas Zukerman. On top of the already intense experience, I had learned something very important that day. The concert overall was a great experience and I look forward to attending another chamber music concert soon. The second part of the concert was limited in variety but with a thicker texture.
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