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Reading comprehension helps with the writing abilities of the student.

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I admire this because it is very difficult to achieve comfort of that level in a classroom for only a few short weeks. She made the entire class look at her as she read spelling words aloud and then had them give her thumbs up when they finished writing them. She never pushed down an answer, even if it was wrong, and made everyone feel like their contributions were appreciated.

I selected four different settings and enjoyed my time at each place. Kathy Galecki has been teaching at Avonworth for the past twenty years. Sometimes she scaffolded the critiques to bring awareness to the main grammatical problems.

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This Unique perspective was useful in my observation for the purpose of understanding students' behaviour and the different techniques that were employed by the teacher to better suite that students learning style. This allows the teacher to know if the student understands the material that was just read.

This is where the school was able to show its diversity because there were posters on the walls with different ethnic children promoting sharing and equality. The teacher also gave a Spelling test at the beginning of the Reading lesson.

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When conducting this observation I was unable to participate in the children 's classroom activities, but only allowed to watch and listen.

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Classroom Observation Report Essays