Gce o level english model essays

Gce o level english model essays

They filled a bucket with water and placed it on the door so that when it opened, the bucket fell down. Thus all my efforts ended in a fiasco. Cold sweat trickled down his forehead as fear gripped him like a vice.

You should die! The day after that at school when the English teacher asked about the homework that had to be emailed to her, everyone replied that they have emailed except for Ali who told the teacher that his computer has broken down because of an email sent by me containing a virus.

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The Singapore Sports School saw his potential and recruited him with the aim to mould him into a world class swimmer. The teacher immediately confiscated his cell for a week.

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Nevertheless, people must keep in mind that they should not be clouded by fear as it will hinder their progress. Hence, we can see that the fear of losing out to others is one of the reasons that has motivated nations to take active steps in improving their economies. His family, friends and coach had high hopes of him and he did not wish to let them down. But the consequences of the sexualisation of children are present even without the presence of such criminals, and so we worry. A flicker of smile crossed his face as the voice in his head finally stopped. The problems of addiction to social media also are well known, with predictable negative effects on student performance and health. Let us be clear: if sexual assault were the only problem, many of us would be baying for the blood of rapists and molesters, instead of victim blaming. Describe a time when efforts to please someone ended in failure. Benson was in a state of fluster. The voice in his head was making all kinds of nasty remarks about him and he could not shut it out. When I reached my home, I immediately turned on my laptop and emailed Ali begging his pardon.

Lowering his head in mortification, Benson returned to his position. Moreover, the negative impacts on students can be legion.

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His family, friends and coach gasped in horror, unable to believe their eyes. All day long, I tried to speak to him but he ignored me.

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Students who already have good learning habits e. Everybody asked if he would break his own record. I then knew that he was really upset because of the day before. Leave me alone, please! Most reprehensible are the communities that glorify racism, sexual assaults, and other kinds of injustices not fit to mention in polite company. Benson was in a state of fluster. He covered his ears with his hands to block off the sinister voice in his head but it only became louder, drowning his sanity. The teacher thinking that Ali was cheating first scolded on him and then gave him a two hour after school detention. Social media brings many benefits. However, although fear is good, man must keep in mind that too much fear may be detrimental to his development. Fear is good as it deters people from doing dangerous acts and prompt them to control and regulate their behaviour. The Singapore Sports School saw his potential and recruited him with the aim to mould him into a world class swimmer. It was the qualifying round for the Olympics Games and Benson had trained tirelessly for this moment. Benson stood on the plunge board, waiting for the referee to blow the whistle.

Being overly fearful of the unknown and intangible will prevent people from venturing into areas previously unexplored.

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English Language Essays for O Level