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With early CD-R and CD-RW drives, we had so many problems with buffer underruns we could have created some real coasters by putting cork on one side of the media! One advantage of Windows XP over earlier versions of Windows is that it can display used and free space on a writeable drive; earlier versions treat both CD-ROM and writeable drives as having 0 bytes free. It has become very difficult to find new computer drives that can only record to one of the formats. Download the latest drivers for your writeable drive and the latest software updates for your CD-mastering and packet-writing programs. It was then abandoned until , when it was heavily revised in particular, the capacity increased from 2. These technologies work by suspending the CD creation process whenever the buffer memory in the CD runs out of information, and they continue the process when more data is available. The properties sheet for the drive will also say the media has 0 bytes free, but this is misleading. July As of , the market for recordable DVD technology shows little sign of settling down in favour of either the plus or dash formats, which is mostly the result of the increasing numbers of dual-format devices that can record to both formats. Try the media on your own system. You should also disable screensavers, prevent antivirus programs from scanning the system, and turn off all other unnecessary programs.

You should also disable screensavers, prevent antivirus programs from scanning the system, and turn off all other unnecessary programs. The files are copied to a temporary folder.

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Install a UDF reader program compatible with the media. Should you? It was introduced after the "-" format.

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If the problem repeats itself, contact the drive vendor for help. UDF Readers?

You can select a slower record speed than Fastest if you have problems reading the CDs you create. Windows XP supports writeable drives Copy your data files to a fast, unfragmented hard disk. Substandard media or media that uses a different dye layer than what the drive is optimized for can cause major problems with reliable writing. Select Copy the Selected Items and then select the writeable drive as the destination. UDF Readers? Copy the files you want to transfer to CD into a single folder and defragment the drive containing that folder. Upgrading from a drive that lacks this feature to a drive that supports this feature is the easiest way to avoid buffer underruns and enjoy much faster disc creation times.

If the program reports an error at 8x recording speed, reduce the speed and try the test again. If your recorder appears on the list of supported recorders, but the version of software listed is more recent than the one you use, download the recommended update.

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