How to write a personal statement for fulbright scholarship

Focus on the cover letter.

fulbright study research objectives essay

Applicants can assess competition statistics and other details for a particular country by consulting the Fulbright website linked at the bottom of this page. This letter is your chance to sell yourself.

Personal statement for postdoctoral fellowship

Just know that you all have remarkable stories to share — you just need to dare to be more descriptive! Who am I? By my second year, I was coordinating computer labs and training the new computer staffs at 4 schools in my area. The student uses the essay to detail her science background and educational travel, including a month in Thailand, where she plans to do her proposed seismic research. Finally, of course, you must demonstrate as necessary your linguistic ability as it applies to the country and your proposed plan, especially if your primary goal is a teaching assistantship. Because the study is undertaken abroad, applicants must have sufficient maturity, character, and literacy to work within the host country. Focus on the cover letter. By now, my previous snapshot from in Gambia may not represent the current state of computers. To underscore the urgency of such research, she opens her statement of grant purpose with a poignant narrative and statistics about the devastating effects of a earthquake in Central Taiwan. But here is the prelude. He tends to give a matter-of-fact summary of his skills and accolades. In , my team of volunteers surveyed every school and health center in the Gambia with a computer. I appreciate its blend of politics and current affairs, as well as its ability to consistently sniff out the most compelling news pieces and narratives. Despite the ups and downs of daily life, people were pretty content. Your goal in this personal statement is to give the committee a sense of who you are and how you became interested in applying for this particular project in the context of an international exchange.

Somebody needs to find out what African teens have been using computers and the Internet to do. There is no one format or approach that will work well for every application.

Writing a senior thesis has nothing to do with journalism.

Personal statement for scholarship application examples

These can be personal, academic, or extracurricular, including any significant insights or experiences that relate to your interest in international exchange, the host country in which you hope to do your work, or the specific project or area of study you plan to pursue. What have you learned from your extracurricular or work experiences, and how have those experiences contributed to your growth? Applicants submit written documents detailing their research or study plans, which may include a year of graduate study, original dissertation research, a creative or performing arts project, or a teaching assistantship. Writing: Your personal statement should not be a narrative version of your resume, listing events, activities, and accomplishments one after the other. My original role in the Gambia was that of high school science teacher. What have I done or what do I know that makes me uniquely qualified? Writing a good cover letter is your best shot at getting noticed. If you can show that you have performed research on or, better yet, in the host country already and have made contacts with potential supervisors, you increase your odds of success dramatically.

I dressed in local garb and found it to be more comfortable and sensible than western clothes. However, I think the time is ripe to conduct an updated survey that will be far reaching and have a greater impact on the approaches the governments and organizations take to IT in the future.

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