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Moreover, certain studies have found a correlation between obesity and a tendency to skip breakfast. Other research published last month sought to debunk long-standing myths about dietary best practices.

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Examples of key questions that should be addressed include the following: Is current dietary guidance an effective way of communicating dietary change? Nutrition researchers have a key role in bridging the gap between disease prevention and disease treatment by fostering clinical research, providing innovative education for caregivers and patients, and delineating best practices for medical nutrition in primary care settings.

Benefits to authors. Ohlhorst and Emily Konopka. Population growth will undeniably lead to increased global demand for a safe, available, sustainable, and affordable food supply, while continuing to demand nutritional adequacy. Each asked and answered questions about how our dietary practices affect our well-being.

Omics research, such as nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics e. Last month on Medical News Today, we covered numerous peer-reviewed studies concerned with matters of nutrition. A field of study that encompasses technological advances as well as omics-based research, it is sometimes referred to as personalized nutrition.

Although numerous studies have investigated how fruit and vegetable consumption may affect risk of breast, prostate, and other cancers, there is no clear consensus in the scientific literature.

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