Taiwanese development model

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Taiwan is going to have negotiate in parallel to the on-going TPP process and demonstrate willingness to make significant compromises before it will be allowed to join.

The decade also saw the beginnings of a genuinely independent union movement after decades of repression. Taiwan also wants to move into the biotechnology sector, the creation of fluorescent pet fish and a research-useful fluorescent pig [8] being two examples.

It also, with the help of USAIDcreated a massive industrial infrastructure, communications, and developed the educational system.

Taiwanese development model

The completion of the Taiwan High Speed Rail service connecting all major cities on the western coast, from Taipei to Kaohsiung is considered to be a major addition to Taiwan's transportation infrastructure. In Taiwan had GDP per capita and human development levels that placed it among the least developed countries in the world.

This was the first excedent accumulation source. Two aspects must be remembered: the KMT was on the center of the structure and controlled the process, and that the structure was a net made of relations between the enterprises, between the enterprises and the State, between the enterprises and the global market thanks to trade companies and the international economic exchanges.

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Taiwan Miracle